Get the Best Inpatient Rehab at Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu offers the best inpatient rehab in Southern California for drug and alcohol addiction. Voted #1 by Global Healthcare and named one of “the most luxurious places” by Forbes Magazine, Passages Malibu is committed to providing clients with a variety of science-based treatments that have proven effective for thousands. It is our privilege to help clients create productive, sustainable lifestyles that are fulfilling and substance-free.

Passages uses the best inpatient rehab treatments available, which is why we are among 6% of treatment centers in the USA to be accredited by the Joint Commission. Clients benefit from psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, multiple forms of counseling, advanced massage, yoga, physical training exercises, and many other therapeutic modalities. All treatments at Passages Malibu are organic and free from toxins.

Passages Malibu provides healing and meaningful life balance in individual, group and family sessions. These sessions are designed to satisfy the physical, psychological and spiritual issues that can arise from addiction. Each client has a treatment team of addiction specialists who regularly convene behind the scenes to share information and ensure the best inpatient rehab techniques are being administered.

At Passages Malibu, incorporating family into treatment is crucial. Sometimes family members are invited into counseling sessions when appropriate so they can become better educated about addiction and how they can effectively lend their support. Contact with family is encouraged throughout the residential stay.

Our 10-acre campus is designed to put clients at ease as they transition into sobriety. Pools, gyms, a full spa, library and other attractions will help clients look and feel their best as they become strong and independent. Outside services such as estheticians and stylists are provided every week. A Health & Wellness Center provides high levels of client care and supervision 24 hours a day.

Passages Malibu is a high-end luxury rehab facility with compassionate and caring staff ready to provide clients with the best inpatient rehab experience possible. Call our Admissions Department to learn why Passages Malibu is the best inpatient rehab center in Southern California.


Pax Prentiss, CEO and Cofounder of Passages Malibu

Pax Prentiss and his father, Chris, are the cofounders of Passages Malibu. The two revolutionized the drug and alcohol rehabilitation industry in 2001 with the founding of Passages Malibu, their premiere luxury rehab center that has gone on to help thousands recover from addiction ever since. Chris and Pax have further solidified the Passages name through numerous luxury inpatient and outpatient centers throughout California.

Their passion for meaningful and long-lasting rehabilitation comes from Pax’s former addictions to heroin, alcohol and cocaine. Pax was avoiding his inner-anguish by escaping into an unsustainable lifestyle of addiction. Only when Pax stepped away from 12-step programs and other methods was he able to find true sobriety.

Passages Malibu is the end result of Pax’s long battle with addiction. He is now more than eleven years sober and is dedicated to helping others. Call Passages Malibu to learn more about what Chris and Pax have done for others, and what they can do for you.