Where’s Passages Malibu?

Passages Malibu is located roughly an hour west of Los Angeles in Southern California. Malibu is a beautiful subtropical beach destination with a legendary reputation for all things outdoors – especially surfing. Nearly two-dozen beaches are located in Malibu, some of which are exclusively reserved for famous Hollywood stars and top celebrity athletes (who can often be spotted by star gazers as they go about their daily lives).

In short, Malibu is absolutely the perfect place to find a new life purpose and happiness through sobriety.

Things to do in Malibu

There are plenty of things to do while getting treatment for a drug and alcohol addiction at Malibu. Tourism is thriving here for the following reasons:

  • Wonderful beaches – Lagoon Beach, Surfrider Beach, Point Dume, El Matador State Beach . . . the list of beaches goes on and on, and they are all distinctly beautiful! Whether you want to surf, sunbathe, or even go whale watching, there’s a beach for every type of vacationer just waiting to be explored!
  • Fine dining – Malibu has delicious gourmet restaurants using ingredients that are local and all-natural. The Malibu Farm, the Malibu Café, Nobu, Mr. Chow, Lily’s Café, and Ollo are just six eateries that you absolutely have to frequent during your stay!
  • Designer Labels – The beach isn’t the only reason why Hollywood celebrities come to Malibu. Maxfield, Malibu Country Mart, and Canvas are just three “must-shop” locales for clothing and other wearable art.
  • History – While Malibu is primarily known for its outdoor fun, there are also many historic homes and fun local museums to visit. Whether you are into antique surfboards or ancient Roman art, Malibu’s got an exhibit just for you!
  • Hiking – There’s so many uplifting trails to go hiking on, like Los Leones at the Parker Mesa Overlook, Solstice Canyon and Zuma Canyon. If you are visiting Malibu during the spring, you simply must travel at least one of these trails just to observe the local wildlife and exotic annual wild flowers!


Ready to Rediscover Life in Malibu, California?

Hope and health await when you travel to Passages Malibu in Southern California. Amazing trails, clean beaches, terrific food, excellent shopping, museums and architecture, and most importantly, newfound sobriety, are all ready to be discovered in Malibu, California. When you are ready to reclaim your life and unburden yourself of a drug and alcohol addiction, then call Passages Malibu today.

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