5 Ways Passages Malibu is the Best Inpatient Rehab Center for Drugs and Alcohol

Passages Malibu in Southern California offers the best inpatient rehab methods to clients from all over the world. A drug and alcohol addiction can make recovery physically and mentally difficult, but Passages Malibu is ready to help minimize the stress with the best inpatient rehab available. Our all-natural treatment program has helped thousands of clients since 2001, and it can do the same for you.

Passages Malibu is the best inpatient rehab center for drug and alcohol addiction because it has:

  • Safety – Detoxification from a drug and alcohol addiction can be dangerous if not left to the professionals. At Passages Malibu, a full team of doctors, nurses, therapists and physicians regularly monitor the client in a private detox unit equipped with the finest amenities available.
  • Luxury – A 10-acre campus complete with luxuriant amenities offers complete comfort and relaxation at all times. The amenities include:
    • Spa
    • Pools
    • Gym w/trainer
    • Weekly Visits from Beauticians
    • 24-hour Wellness Center
    • Tennis Court
    • Much more!
  • Gourmet Meals – Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared by gourmet chefs and cooked to your specifications. Only the finest ingredients are used in every meal so that clients have the energy needed to combat drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Productive Scheduling – Every business day is filled with important sessions designed for deep reflections and self-improvements. All=natural nutritional supplements are self-administered to teach clients how to simulate responsible moderation.

More than anything, Passages Malibu is the best inpatient rehab facility because of its fully customizable holistic treatment program. All clients are assigned a treatment team of doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors and other specialists to provide you with 65 hours of individualized therapy every week. Group therapy is kept to a minimum in favor of one-on-one sessions with a dedicated specialist.

Combining traditional therapy and counseling with holistic modalities such as hypnotherapy, massage, music, aroma art and other alternative forms of healing provides clients with a multifaceted approach that resolves addiction in the mind, body and spirit. Whereas most rehabilitation programs only solve the physical dependency and nothing more, Passages Malibu is prepared to diagnose and resolve any additional disorders or psychological traumas – whether they are related to, or independent of, the original addiction itself, Passages is ready to help.


Passages Malibu is California’s Best Inpatient Rehab Center

Our clients are provided all of the tools they need to combat addiction at Passages Malibu, where the drug and alcohol recovery industry’s best inpatient rehab treatments will give you the wisdom, guidance and motivation you need to persevere. When you are ready to get the best inpatient rehab around, then you should skip the outdated 12-step method and contact Passages Malibu for something new and proven effective.

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